What if the soul were colors swirling together in a plane of utter darkness? What if the colors of the soul show its nature? Its will? How it’s feeling? What would we do if we could see each other’s souls with a cursory glance? Would you notice my faded colors? Would you even care? Would you stand back and watch as the darkness bleeds into the amber light of my heart? Would you watch until my light got snuffed out? Would you enjoy the show?

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Je n’ai pas un ange

Je n’ai pas un ange avec moi ce soir. C’est la tragédie de mon cœur. C’est quelque chose mélodramatique que je veux oublier. Je veux me résigner à la nuit et sentir les bras de mon sommeil. Esta noche no tengo un ángel. Esta es la tragedia de mi corazón. Es algo lacrimoso que quiero […]

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I am sitting here, looking at my calendar on the glowing screen of my phone. It is now October. It is the eighth of the tenth month of the year. I could have sworn yesterday was just the end of another year, yet here I have proof of the passage of time, proof that today […]

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