What if the soul were colors swirling together in a plane of utter darkness? What if the colors of the soul show its nature? Its will? How it’s feeling? What would we do if we could see each other’s souls with a cursory glance? Would you notice my faded colors? Would you even care? Would you stand back and watch as the darkness bleeds into the amber light of my heart? Would you watch until my light got snuffed out? Would you enjoy the show?

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Cotton Candy


Sometimes the sky is like cotton candy; soft hues of pink, white, and blue. Even during a storm the sky can seem like the sweetest thing, like a better place than the hard and unrelenting ground of Earth. Here beneath the endless celestial dome everything is crushing, the puffs of clouds are constant taunts of what will always be out of reach. I’d rather be consumed by the tempest than remain in this daydream.

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I wonder what it is like. I wonder what timelessness is like. I can only imagine that it feels like nothing and everything at the same time. I remember looking into your eyes, getting lost in them, seeing the future in the swirls of your irises. Now, what is there but memories and unfulfilled promises? […]

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Hinder Me Not

I am not me. I am but a shadow of thoughts and feelings, succumbing to the choking fingers of life and I hate all that breathes, moves, and leaves. Hinder me not as I slip into this emptiness and let go of the darkness. The fullness of my core dips and sinks as I fall. […]

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You Gotta Wonder

You gotta wonder When will it all end? Or will it be in perpetual whiteness? The swells and falls of everything Threaten to swallow My head and bones That whither within. I tell ya, you gotta wonder If the searing pain will absolve you Or if you are damned by your steps. The solid sheets […]

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