What if the soul were colors swirling together in a plane of utter darkness? What if the colors of the soul show its nature? Its will? How it’s feeling? What would we do if we could see each other’s souls with a cursory glance? Would you notice my faded colors? Would you even care? Would you stand back and watch as the darkness bleeds into the amber light of my heart? Would you watch until my light got snuffed out? Would you enjoy the show?

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When There’s Nothing Else

When you are not here and I am powerless to do anything about it, I can do nothing but miss you. Don’t hate me for my weakness, for my crippling want. Don’t deny me dreams of you. I can do nothing but sit here drowning in thoughts of you. And I hate it, this frozen shell I become when you’re gone. So when there is nothing else but memories of faded moments between us, I can only reach for you through the shifting masses of thoughts and feelings and hope that I reach you somehow.

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I’ve Got Nothing

I’ve got nothing, that’s what I last said to her. I couldn’t tell her what I really wanted to. I had to keep my mouth shut or else risk the truth getting out. The truth got out anyway. *** My wife was a beautiful woman, red-haired, soft brown eyes, curvy lips, wide hips, and tits […]

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I watched as he walked away. The street was desolate, the lamp posts doing little to illuminate the path. A fog had come down and I stood at the corner of the street, watching him just walk away. Every time he would step out of the street light he would be consumed by the fog. […]

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The Wants

I want my laughs to be secret. I want your touches to be only mine. I want the stares you give me to be hidden. I want no one else to know. No one else to ask. No one else to see. I want to keep the truth within me, for it never to have […]

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I Shouldn’t

I know I shouldn’t, but I still look for him. I know we are not together anymore. I know we haven’t been for a long time, but every time I reach a corner I think I’ll see him there. I keep thinking that I’m going to run into him, that somewhere in a crowd he […]

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Someday I’ll be swallowed by the fog too. It’ll be cold and I’ll be alone, But I’ll remember you. I’ll walk through the swirls of oblivion, My hands outstretched, secretly hoping that’ll find you.

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I wonder what it is like. I wonder what timelessness is like. I can only imagine that it feels like nothing and everything at the same time. I remember looking into your eyes, getting lost in them, seeing the future in the swirls of your irises. Now, what is there but memories and unfulfilled promises? […]

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The Intriguing Woman

I hadn’t noticed her. I was walking down the hill, my eyes squinting because of the cold sunshine and I came onto the plaza where the flow of people crisscrossed to form invisible connected lines. It was when she crossed my line of way that I noticed her. She was tall and slender, wearing a […]

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