Are we anything?

If I have to constantly step forward to meet you, does it mean you will do nothing but wait? And what if I don’t move? What if I stay here? Away from you? Will you ever come to me? Why am I always the first one to reach out and touch you? To run my fingers through your hair? Why do you look away from me?

Why do you push me away? I look away because I cannot stand to see the hurt I’ve caused you. I cannot stand to look into your eyes and see what I’ve done. I wait for you because you are strong and brave. I wait for you because I know you’ll always come.

I push you away to see if you’ll come, to see if I can get you to move.

What am I, a Frisbee?

You are my insanity.



Well, you are my sanity.



Photo Credit: Jamie McCaffrey

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When There’s Nothing Else

When you are not here and I am powerless to do anything about it, I can do nothing but miss you. Don’t hate me for my weakness, for my crippling want. Don’t deny me dreams of you. I can do nothing but sit here drowning in thoughts of you. And I hate it, this frozen shell I become when you’re gone. So when there is nothing else but memories of faded moments between us, I can only reach for you through the shifting masses of thoughts and feelings and hope that I reach you somehow.

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The Wants

I want my laughs to be secret. I want your touches to be only mine. I want the stares you give me to be hidden. I want no one else to know. No one else to ask. No one else to see. I want to keep the truth within me, for it never to have […]

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I Shouldn’t

I know I shouldn’t, but I still look for him. I know we are not together anymore. I know we haven’t been for a long time, but every time I reach a corner I think I’ll see him there. I keep thinking that I’m going to run into him, that somewhere in a crowd he […]

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The Intriguing Woman

I hadn’t noticed her. I was walking down the hill, my eyes squinting because of the cold sunshine and I came onto the plaza where the flow of people crisscrossed to form invisible connected lines. It was when she crossed my line of way that I noticed her. She was tall and slender, wearing a […]

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It’s for You

“Here,” she said, standing in the middle of the living room, one eyebrow slightly raised. I watched her carefully and her eyes returned my own burning intensity. She didn’t look away, she held my gaze captive and I could do nothing but be still. She stepped towards me slowly, her legs, perfectly curved and thick […]

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I Held Her

I held her. I took both of her breasts into my hands and I massaged them gently. I waited for her moan, but it did not come. So, I traced my fingers gently around her areolae. There was a sigh. A sigh left her lips but it was not a moan. She had her eyes closed […]

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Purple Lipstick

I decided to put purple lipstick on. Adrian didn’t like it before. I used to wear it more often than my pink and red colors, before it was a stupid trend. When it did become a trend, Adrian suddenly liked it. I foolishly did not wear the lipstick when he told me not to, over […]

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Beneath the Storm

It all started when she looked over her shoulder. She saw him walking slowly, idly as if tracing her footsteps. He must have been watching her walk, her hips move and her hair sway, because when she turned to look back, he quickly looked away. He made a very small gesture with his lips, almost puckering them as […]

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